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Reborn book sculpture, Jukhee Kwon

Books are time, a sign of someone and a subject that speaks for strong vitality and potential. Each book has a different character and individuality like a human, and history and description are read like life. – Artist Jukhee Kwon…

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An image traveler healing wounds, SATA

real or unreal? This artist is commonlyknown as ‘SATA’,which means ‘think different from others’, rather than his real name,Jonghyun Park. Photography is hisbest material. When we search his name on the Korean search engineNaver, his nickname ‘Image Chef’ always comes…

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Artist June Lee and the 8-inch Bystanders

WHO WE ARE? The works of textile artist June Lee explodein youreyes first with itsintense ‘colors’. It looks like a flower garden full of colorful and sweet stories, but it is a remarkable camouflage. June Lee is famous for herhuman-shape-8inch…

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A Polyptych of Standardized Beings

Through the highly artificial device of art, the Animals created by Seil Jang have their natural simplicity and diversity suppressed. They are as complex as it is homogenous. There is a society in which the same kind of human beings,…

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The reasonable brush strokes of Sang-ik Seo

“As long as we are human beings with bodies, there are no better genres than paintings to express the senses remembered in our bodies.” _Sang-Ik Seo Sang-ik Seo, who has been called ‘an artist with ‘storytelling talent’ that ushered in…

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Memories by the overlay of colors

 “Mee-Young Kim’s paintings vividly summon the viewer’s memories and senses by having them follow the flow of free brush strokes and colors. – Ara Cho, Curator, Seoul Museum of Art WRITE Nari Park  PHOTOGRAPHY Juyeon Lee VIDEO Hatsal Kim  TRANSLATE Hyunah Ham The word ‘dance’…

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Beginning of the era for the experience

The breakthrough in pictorial methods found in her early works expanded across three-dimensional space to perfectly occupy the space. WRITE Youn-Ji Lee  PHOTOGRAPHY Rama Artist Yiyun Kang, who I interviewed in the London studio. She is sitting at her work desk working on…

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The Way of 21 Century Art Collecting

The Way of 21 Century Art Collecting : Sylvain Lévy & Dominique Lévy Couple Sylvain Lévy and Dominique Lévy use digital technology to collect contemporary Chinese art works under the name ‘DSL Collection’. Writer Anna Gye (content director of Magazine…

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