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The Night Sky embroidered with atypical shapes

A cube called Sung-Rim Park Sung-Rim Park, who makes atypical shapes with thread and needle, brings various synesthetic images of the night sky into her work.  The needle penetrating through the canvas in Sung-Rim Park’s work process appears like the…

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It is all because of DOPAMINE.C

“Just like when Newton discovered gravity with the apple, I was happy when I found dopamine – a neurotransmitter produced in the brain when we feel pleasure,” said Dopamine.C. The artist uses Dopamine as his pen name, and this serves…

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Today’s Hong Kong, William Lim

William Lim, a world-famous architect, has designed art specialized building such as ‘H Queen’s’, Art Hotel ‘East Hong Kong’, ‘Marina Bay Sands’ in Singapore, and ‘Banyan Tree Anji’ in China’. Lim is also a collector who patronizes young artists whose…

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The Face of ‘You’ by the Artist Kappao

It looks pleasant, but it’s just not unpleasant, it looks happy, but it’s just not unhappy. It is hard to say who exactly these people are with an uncomfortable, unidentified look, but they are just ordinary us, me or your…

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